Monthly Archives: December 2011

Business Plans – you have a product, service or idea that you want to get off the ground.  But how?  What kind of money will you need, how much time will it take, do you need partners, who will buy it?  If you build it – it’s doubtful they will just come.  A detailed business plan is your roadmap to make sure you have a clear vision of your destination and ensure you and all your passengers will arrive successfully.

Sales Pitches –  you are about to make a pitch to someone who you really need to want what you’ve got.  Sure you know your product/service, but can you create a presentation that breaks through the clutter? Can you afford not to?  Does your PowerPoint still have 5-7 bullets on every page?  Are you using templates?  Are you tired of saying the same thing over and over again? Guarantee you your buyer is tired of hearing and seeing it. Successful sales pitches don’t come easily to everyone, they are not a talent you are born with, it is a learned skill.  You wouldn’t roof your own house without an expert, you shouldn’t risk losing your biggest pitch without some professional guidance either.

Public Speaking –  You’ve been there, sitting at a conference, attending a number of different presentations by experts in their fields.  The synopsis of the seminar sounded really interesting but the speaker is just soooo boring.  His slides are killing you, her voice monotonous, his movements distracting.   On average, over 75% of the speakers miss their mark because of their presentation style.  Being part of the other 25% takes awareness, practice and more than just talking to your mirror.

Appeals for Funding/Donations – You need money.  You’re passionate about why and what you are going to do with it.  You know you can change someone’s world if you just had the all elusive cash.  But can you get out of your own way enough to make the appeal that works?  Can you move beyond your own passion enough to see how to make the person with the money care and believe enough give?  Passion isn’t always going to pay the bills, but the right persuasive appeal just might.

Web Content – admit it, you just don’t want to write all that stuff yourself, and update it all the time, and figure out how to write it to it appeal to the reader each and every time.  You could, but you really have something else that you would prefer to or need to do first.  But you can’t afford to just wing it, most likely it is one of your main communication vehicles with your end-user.  You need someone who does want to write it, who enjoys figuring out the right appeals, who understands how incredibly, super, totally important it really is.

Marketing Materials – see “web content.”  (Yeah I could have written another paragraph but sometimes, short and sweet works best.)

Ghost Writing – articles, blogs, books, letters, emails, white papers, letters to the editor – you’ve got a lot to say but not necessarily the time or the talent to say it the way you really want it said.  It would be so much easier to dictate your ideas and/or share your notes and have someone spit them out as deeply meaningful literary masterpieces.  So go ahead, it’s still your idea, your thoughts, your present, you’re just getting some help wrapping them.